Samil Mahapatra

Web Developer & Consultant

Invest your time and efforts on running your business. Leave the online identity to me.

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What I do

I develop and maintain websites for startups, business and ecommerce and help them drive their visitor traffic, so that they can focus on their business, not about web technicalities


Development Services

Are you thinking about starting a new website ? Well that’s great 🎉. But do you know there are a lot of things to be taken care of before bringing your identity online. These might be technical stuff, or reagrding business stuff, that you might get confused of, and land up deviating from your business works, and focusing on how to solve these issues. Well I am there for you, to help you out with all the development that you need of 🙂


Web Consultation

Getting online is as fascinating as it sounds, and now a days it is much more easier, but to get to the level of being on the page one of google search for your targeted keywords it is way more difficult. Plus there are a number of factors that determine the scale at which your website or your web application can hit the right audience. Being worked with a lot of freelancers and startups, I have the experience to share with you the right ways of how you can enhance your idea for the proper shape it needs.


Business Toolkits

It’s not all about having a website and expecting that customers will flow it. Every startup and business needs certain business toolkits for management of people, products and finance, that will help in the business automation. Having worked with startups and business myself, there are a lot number of aspects that business should take care of when it comes to managing online.

Why Choose Me

Accurate Business Enhancement

Connecting business with technology

On Time

We strive for making ourselves being on time, and help the people, with the right tools and resources


We try to take away all the burden of internet technologies from our clients, and help them focus on their business

24/7 Availability

We are available, and try to reach to them , when they need us, and solve out their problems


What My Clients Say?

It was lovely working with Samil. He is just the best with regard to development of business and making things done in the right time. Would avail his services again
Chandan Kumar
The Event Wala
Samil is the get going person when it come to web development and making things work with automation. He enhanced my business like his own.
Sanjay Rathee
Helium Labs
Samil is the person whom you can rely on for your business. He professionally handles my products and put the best of his abilities to showcase them. Would work with him again
Dhairyashil Patil
Vidhyati Technologies
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