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Bhutan (2019)

A country which measures growth on happiness index

Thailand (2017)

Land of white elephants, and a culture so common with us

Bangladesh (2020)

Driven by the waves of River Padma, separated on 1947

India (1998 – 2024)

My motherland, and its beauty and culture captured on my lens

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A tale written with love and courage for travel, and a passion to know cultures beyond borders.

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Dive into a world of cultural immersion and travel adventures with Samil, as he shares his exciting journey through diverse destinations.

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Awards & Recognition


Cultural Ambassador Award

Recognized for promoting cultural exchange and understanding through photography and storytelling.


Travel Photography Award

Honored for capturing the essence of travel experiences in a unique and compelling way.


Adventure Seeker Award

Celebrated for embracing adventure and inspiring others to explore the world with passion.

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